Upcoming .... SUNDAY 19 June (Tecoma) 7pm sharp ~ 8pm


If you would like to attend one of these events ~ please send me an SMS expressing your interest.  I will promptly phone you back.  Very limited places/massage tables  ~  the event(s) tend to book out quickly  ~  0413 455 870

Full Bowen Therapy Session www.carolynirons.com and Vinod Prasanna is offering a sublime sound healing (Bansuri flute)  www.bansuri.com.au - in the beautiful Dandenong Rangers.

Bowen Therapy balances the body and mind (ESPECIALLY helpful with sleep, back & neck pain, stress/anxiety, jaw problems, tight hamstrings and many other ailments). 

Please be well hydrated on the day and wear comfortable clothing ~ I can work through, ie. leggings/tracksuit pants and top. 

If you have a friend/relative that would benefit from this event,

I'm sure you have many...Please do them a favour and invite them or even surprise them with the perfect gift.

Because this is a 'small group' and books out quick, 

we are grateful for your confirmation asap.  
Thank you :) Carolyn 0413 455 870 

A couple of testimonials from recent attendees  ;) 


 *Amazing! I am so grateful to be invited tonight. I feel so very relaxed.  Please let me 
know when the next session is.
You are both fantastic & have beautiful energy"


 The conscious mind is approx 5% ~ our subconscious is 95%