~ TECOMA ~     Upcoming ....
1.  'Thursday 12 March 2020'  ~ Full BOWEN Therapy Session & BANSURI FLUTE/TIBETAN BOWLS SOUND HEALING 7 ~ 8pm
(Please arrive 5 mins early)
Limited numbers /  bookings essential  ~  0413 55 870

The investment is:        $70 for a Full Bowen Therapy Session www.carolynirons.com and Vinod is offering a sublime sound healing (Bansuri flute/tibetan bowls)  www.bansuri.com.au - in the beautiful Dandenong Rangers.

Bowen Therapy balances the body and mind (ESPECIALLY helpful with sleep, back & neck pain, stress/anxiety, jaw problems, tight hamstrings and many other ailments). 

Please be well hydrated on the day and wear comfortable clothing ~ I can work through, ie. leggings/tracksuit pants and top. 

If you have a friend/relative that would benefit from this event,
I'm sure you have many! Please do them a favour and invite them.

Because this is a 'small group' and books out quick, 
we are grateful for your firm confirmation asap.  
Thank you :) Carolyn 0413 455 870 

A couple of testimonials from recent attendees  ;) 


 *Amazing! I am so grateful to be invited tonight. Please let me
know if you hold more. You are both fantastic & beautiful energy"
2.  "HEALING CIRCLE" ~ Tecoma $25
At 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm Thursday 16 Janaury 2002  
*bookings essential : 0413 455 870   

In this Healing Circle we will create a group intention and begin to find the blocks which are inhibiting us from health, success, abundance, love ... 'our joy'... It's all about "TRUSTing SELF" in 2020.  The LifeLine Technique is content free ~ so no need to delve into the past stressors (in other words we aren't giving energy to "the story").  I gain access to the subconscious mind (which is the 'reactive mind'), and cant make a choice, where what is conscious can. I must stress, there is no need to share "anything private". The most important thing, as always, is YOU connect to YOU ♥ We'll start with a short meditation to set the scene.
Bring a smile and fun attitude, pen/pad and your bottle of water. Limited numbers... so secure your spot by phoning me.
ON the evening, please be on time... 
$25 investment 
♥ Recent email from a client after a one on one LifeLine session : Thank you Carolyn I hadn't been sleeping well and slept deeply
last night, I also had a client comment that I looked younger,
fresher and more vibrant today than when she saw
me a couple of days previous. It was a lovely compliment.
3.  The Wish ~ please refer to 'THE WISH' PAGE for all the info...
DATE : 5/2/20

 The conscious mind is approx 5% ~ our subconscious is 95%

Our bodies consist of around 75% water. This is the water crystal for 'love & gratitude'

Water crystal for 'you make me sick'