60 or 90 minute sessions ~ A blend of Bowen Therapy/Bowen Body Mind and Self Inquiry in this session.  You will relax into a deeply receptive/open space on the massage table and transform from the inside out Mind/Body/Spirit.   I use muscle testing, some NLP and various intuitive tools to assist you to make conscious that which is below the surface and has manifested  in physical pain and emotional upsets.

Please note:

* I work through light clothing.

* It is important you are well hydrated to allow toxins to be flushed out after your session

Due to their intensity, and pain (physical and emotional) One can get overwhelmed and not see a way out.  Sabotage is a common defence mechanism, we 'perceive' obstacles in the way of Truth; we miss whats being offered and may not follow up opportunities or inner guidance. All because we have grown fearful of change, feel guilty, and feel overwhelmed, a familiar, yet destructive loop ensues. 

When one ignores or covers up subtle and sometimes not so subtle symptoms, mental anguish, fearful/judgmental thoughts, stress, physical symptoms and disharmony is experienced.  Once surrendered, acknowledged and observed the loop of pain and judgment (of self and others) can be unwound from.  

Comfort eating, self-medicating with drugs, smoking, alcohol and obsessive shopping are some forms of self-sabotage.  Self-sabotage is a process whereby people go against their own thoughts or impulses (generally feeling guilt, fear, anger, sadness or shame afterwards). 


For the ego/negative self talk to dissipate, we first need to become Aware of it.  'Observing' the identity is a step toward Awareness and Consciousness.  Eventually we stop judging whats seemingly 'out there' and learn to bring it back and 'observe' the mind chatter, accepting it for the no-thing-ness that it is.  Like a cloud floating by.

When looked at from a different perspective, (not the past nor the future), 'True Vision'; the synchronicities,  (seeming) opportunities, rise and pass away revealing life in the effortless flow, moment to moment.   We live life as the gift it is, in the present and it reveals to us how Grace IS and HAS ALWAYS guided us. 


In reality we have and can never be, separate from our true Nature/God/Innate Awareness. 



Physical illnesses / Emotional Upsets:


Fear / Sabotage / Stress / anxiety / grief/loss /  loneliness / disconnection / creative loss of expression / confidence problems / anger/unforgiveness / frustration / shut down emotionally / challenging relationship(s) / depression / low self esteem / lacking passion and purpose / insomnia / phobias / addiction(s)  CHILDREN / ADOLESCENCE/ ADULTS.  


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