Whether your body or life is speaking to you with a physical illness, stress, fear, grief, trauma or emotional upset, sabotage or lack of direction in life. Every experience and symptom is a gift ready to be unwrapped; every symptom represents emotional experiences buried within the subconscious mind which block us from living our passion. The LifeLine Technique (similar to Kinesiology) is an advanced holistic system that is based upon thousands of years of natural healing fused with modern day insights about the mind, body and spirit.


For pathology 'a diagnosable disease' to be recognised in a blood test, urinalysis, MRI, mammogram, or bone scan, the BODY MUST HAVE ALREADY DEGENERATED 40-plus percent.  The irony is that when a diagnostic test comes back 'positive', it means that you have a disease !  This is the point at which most people recognise that their body is unbalanced because, prior to that, they were IGNORING or covering up the subtle symptoms - the cough, rash, allergies and headaches. 

* Muscle testing finds dysfunction within 1 - 2 % 


What clients love about 'LifeLine' is there is no need to go into the 'story', past traumas or painful experiences. 


Due to their intensity, we all try to escape feeling(s) from time to time. There are many different ways we sabotage, we say or do something inappropriate, we put obstacles in the way of what we are wanting, we don't hear whats being offered/or we don’t follow up opportunities, which may assist us. 


In the LifeLine Technique sessions you make conscious that which has been holding you back. You clearly make conscious the 'subconscious emotional patterns'.  These patterns are the 'root cause'; of physical symptoms and illnesses, your bodies health.  The patterns affect your relationships due to sabotage and stressors (like fear and emotional upset). 

Comfort eating is a common form of self-sabotage as is self-medicating with drugs/smoking, obsessive shopping or alcohol.  Self-sabotage is a process whereby people go against their own thoughts or impulses (generally feeling fear, guilt, anger or shame later). 

Individuals react (from the subconscious mind)  being triggered by the past and future (out of the present moment) ~ the subconscious mind can’t make choices. The conscious mind can make choices. The more we can “bridge the gap” between the subconscious and conscious minds, the more our life can effortlessly be revealed. 


The LifeLine Technique relates to the mind, body and spirit.  Its a philosophy, science and quantum technology which assists us to live a life of  ‘Infinite Possibilities’.  


For the ego/negative self talk to dissipate, we first need to know what its saying - we then learn to 'just observe' it for the no-thing-ness that it is. 


I intuitively blend the LifeLine Technique (like Kinesiology), with bodywork (Bowen Therapy & Body/Mind Bowen).  You will lie on the Bowen Therapy table and  go into a  deeply relaxing and receptive/open space for 90 minutes .  This deep work enables you to transform from the inside out Mind/Body & Spirit.

What is not healed in the mind will manifest in physical symptoms.  These sessions are tailored to working with the subconscious limiting beliefs (reactive behaviours/sabotage etc) and physical pain... not limited to, hamstrings, back, neck, jaw, respiratory and pelvic/hip problems. 

I give 110% in sessions, so you quickly move through what is holding you back ~ I look forward to you experiencing it for yourself.   Clients also report they sleep better and are more balanced after sessions.  



Fear / Sabotage / Stress / anxiety / grief/loss /  loneliness / disconnection / creative loss of expression / confidence problems / anger/unforgiveness / frustration / shut down emotionally / OCD / challenging relationship(s) / depression / low self esteem / infertility issues / lacking passion and purpose / insomnia / phobias / PTSD

 / addiction(s) ie. smoking, drinking, eating disorders

BABIES / CHILDREN / ADOLESENCE/ ADULTS.  (Also available for pets) 

Physical illnesses / chronic pain / back pain / fibromyalgia / diabetes / allergies and other physical ailments or pathology

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This interview with Doctor Peter (approx 2009) is not indicative of all my 'current views') 

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