~ The Life Technique ~

"It was by a stroke of luck that I met Carolyn. I had just experienced a massive anxiety attack where my body and mind couldn’t cope anymore with the high level of stress and emotion I had endured at work. I went into severe shut down. I was going to Doctor's, a psychologist, naturopath and trying all different massage therapies. I was trying everything. I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall trying to understand what I can do to fix my new condition “adjustment disorder with a high level of anxiety". 

Many people said 'you just have to put up with the effects'. My balance was shakie and I was always tired. I found large crowds and busy places overwhelming. Every anxiety attack spiralled my health backwards. I’m not one to 'sit down and sweep things under the carpet'. I know I can be cured and restore my life. I love life and intend to live it to the fullest. 

In one of my sessions with Carolyn I had an amazing experience. It was like I was given a 'new lease of life'. My eyes came alive. It was incredible. An event/trauma from when I was very young, that had created a severe conditioning of 'fear and perfectionism' in my character became conscious, (which is why I'd previously worked so hard, always giving 150%). Carolyn was able to correct this 're-active conditioning' which was no longer serving me, to enable me to erase all the past conditioning. This allowed me to approach things consciously. It was really simple. No hard questions or going into the 'story' Carolyn used 'the LifeLine technique', which allowed the right string to be pulled and removed from my system. I felt so much lighter, like a lifetime load had been 'released'. We all have many 're-active' conditionings that we want removed from our memory. I thank you Carolyn for introducing me to this technique which is fast and easily finds the block(s) (via muscle reflex testing).  It has created 'miracles in my life'. I can’t wait to do more sessions as I feel like I have only touched the surface. Infinite Love and Gratitude to you. "
- 'A' Marketing

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing “the LifeLine Technique” with Carolyn. Her warm, compassionate and gentle nature together with her enthusiasm for the technique made the whole process not only enjoyable but also productive. The changes I sought are under way. Its a good feeling to have choice where once there was just automatic reaction."
- Dr Johnston, Integrative Medical Practitioner

"Carolyn has a wonderful gift and offers this wisdom and healing to others. She has a lovely gentle energy. Thank you for the beautiful experience of subconscious healing with "the LifeLine Technique" and for assisting me to move forward in my life."
- 'K', Life Coach

"I had a LifeLine session with Carolyn and found it to be amazing! After not working for some time my confidence was greatly affected, I am now feeling confident and working full time. I found the session great, as it wasn't about digging up past issues, it was about acknowledging them (in my mind, not discussing out loud) and moving on. Thank you Carolyn for your amazing empathy, you truly have a gift! I admire your belief in others and your ability to utilise your skills."
- 'A', Interstate (Executive Assistant) this LifeLine session was done via SKYPE


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